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100% Stock Market Indicators, Trend Lines and Market Cycles at work:



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100% Stock Market Winners":

100% Chart Indicators--100% Trend-Lines--100% Market Cycles...
- For :   Sure Thing Stocks & Sure Thing Investment;
 - Against :   Run Away Inflation & Creeping Global Deflation.

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****   (July 2, 2013): Gold breaks out!! We were there! (see chart above) **************

**** (July 3, 2015): Back again with NEW 100% Indicators!!

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DISCLAIMER: (To make it perfectly clear:)  
There are many factors beyond our control, and a stock exchange investment can always lead to losses.  EVERY investor should take care not to invest more in the stock exchange than he/she can easily afford to lose!  One should always take care to use stops to limit losses and not invest more than a small portion of one's money on any one investment pick.

I am not a certified investment councelor. Thus the statements in this website are for educational purposes only and not to be considered as concrete investment advice on securities. Therefore please approach a qualified investment consultant for detailed advice on your own investment needs!


"Inflation hedge" or "Deflation hedge"??

One thing is certain: Whoever has NO deflation hedge and NO inflation hedge to protect his/her capital (savings etc.) will soon have nothing to protect! To be sure, the inflation rate today in the U.S.A. or Europe is not comparable with that at times in Simbabwe or Venezuela, and certainly not yet to the stage of run away inflation.

BUT:  "There has never been a time when the Reserve Banks in four major industrial powers (presently:  the U.S.A., the European Community, Japan and Great Britain) all have carried out such an expansive monetary policy as today!" (Dr. Martin Weiss, Weiss Research).



Run Away Inflation or Creeping Global Deflation? ... A Clue to the Mystery:

"... Inflation is the more probable of the two. For the monetary policy of the Reserve Banks is clearly aiming in that direction.. .. But I cannot exclude the possibility that the monetary system is perhaps not inclined to accept that money. Then credit expansion would be reduced, the economy would shrink and we would in fact fall into global depression [=creeping global deflation]...."


Stocks as "Deflation hedge" AND "Inflation hedge"

"... Against Depression I would recommend Gold and stocks of particularly robust companies whose business always flourishes....In case of Inflation material assets--i.e. real estate, stocks of good companies and Gold--should beat the price of money." (Prof. Max Offe, Die Krise hält sich nicht an Regeln, pp.197f;  our translation)

Gold, the best known deflation hedge or hedge against run away inflation, does have various obvious disadvantages--from sales and storage expenses, difficulties and dangers down to political danger of taxation oder confiscation (e.g. President Roosevelt nationalized private gold holdings in the U.S. in 1933). Finally, gold pays no interest and is irrationally volatile as an investment medium!

Thus whether inflation or deflation reigns (one of  the two is almost certain in the near future!), one can protect oneself best through good stocks.

(But sometimes (as today) stocks are already too high-priced and Gold and Silver are depressed. Then there is no problem in investing in precious metals, seeing that today modern instruments such as ETF's allow us to trade them and many other things just as if they were stocks.)



So, "Buy S&P 500, or possibly Gold and Silver, & Hold, right??!"

Today, hardly anyone can afford this alternative, and probably they shouldn't, even if they could!

For whatever goes up must come down again in the mid-term (the Law of Gravity, so to speak), and this is also the policy of the so-called "Smart Money", the "Big Guys" controlling the markets and the important media!:


Policies of the "Smart Money":

1. They buy assets when they are undervalued and "down".

2. They use their power, also over the media, to gradually increase the prices, thus turning the stocktrend around und attracting the general public to jump on the bandwagon.

3. When the prices are high, they sell as secretly as possible, usually on "up-days".

4. Finally, they allow the prices to sink again, carrying many of the "small-fry" to ruin. Thus the cycle starts all over again!

 A typical small-time private investor therefore buys stocks--on the basis of (manipulated) stock picks supported by (biased) media commentaries--when they are "high" and sells them in panic when they are "low". Thus in the long run he/she only makes losses.

So, to survive financially we have to change tack:  We have to be more careful, better informed, more agile and just plain BETTER in our pick(s) than the "big fish".... (How to do...??)


100% Chart Indicators   =>  "Sure Thing Stocks"

1. "Sure Thing Stocks" ("100% Lists")  -
... There are criteria which do qualify stocks for relative "Sure Thing Investment" status ( = sure thing stocks), and this has been demonstrated by our special configurations of the software (in simulations based on historic major stock exchange data).

Many of our "100% Chart Indicators" picks have been 100% Stock Market Winners mid-term ("100% Lists"), along with giving us precise dates of entry/exit.
(See => "Slideshow")


2. We have to invest WITH, not AGAINST the Market Trend & Stock Trend ! ... But HOW?

Our well-proven "100% Chart Indicators" allow us to enter the market together with the "Smart Money" at the end of consolidation phases and afterwards to exit along with them at the highest levels.


3. We have just recently added two further instruments :  100% Stock Market Trend-Lines and 100% Stock Market Cycle to our arsenal, increasing greatly the effectivity of the 100% Chart Indicators, improving our Timing and stock picking of market leaders (=>see our Blog, where these factors are applied in day-to-day market aktivity)!

(The following 100% Chart Indicators Chart demonstrates BUY- and SELL-Signals circled in black in the chart center--parallel to the price chart at top. For more examples => our "CHART GALLERY")

- The small fish gathering the crumbs from the mouths of whales can remain perfectly calm:  They "know" what to do to remain safe! -

 A still better model are the mature, savvy deer (see our LOGO), protected by long experience, keen senses and many-pronged horns (= our 100% Chart Indicators, 100% Trend-Channels and 100% Market Cycles tools) and maintaining an even keel toward the goal, which is FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE in a world in motion.

=> A Slideshow: "How we do it!"--( =>)

=> More Chart examples  (=> our "CHART GALLERY")

=> The "100% Stock Market Winners" market tools. --

        How I discovered them.  (=>)


             Best Investing!

Dr. phil. Lorenz Funderburk

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